Album of the Month: The Family Jewels by Marina and the Diamonds


Marina and the Diamonds, a Welsh/Greek singer, has been one of my favourite artists ever for a really long time. And this album: The Family Jewels is why. Though classed as a pop album, I would define it as alternative pop as it is not your average chart album. Released in 2010, Marina has released four singles from the album: Hollywood, Oh No!, Shampain and I Am Not A Robot. But I was only aware of the last and first. Do not let the lack of chart highs faze you, as a personal view, I think that people don't welcome this gem as it's not the type of music that you'll hear in the charts.

The sound and lyrics are far from the comfort beats that you'll hear from a Katy Perry or Ellie Goulding song. But I promise you - they are catchy as hell and you'll want to hear it all again! Diamandis highlights on themes from her own experiences (depression and insomnia) and from what society is like (Girls and Oh No!). 'These people are weird in here/And they're giving me the fear/Just because you know my name/Doesn't mean you know my game' could potentially reflect on the theme of anxiety. Though I have never been through depression of suffered serious anxiety myself, I know I can turn to The Family Jewels if I need comfort and cheering up. (Like any other people with their favourite artists!)

On a more informal note, Marina as a singer is amazing with her unique vocals which you'll love. And here's a fun fact: she trained herself to sing and used the system Garage-band to create her demo's. She also has a second album Electra Heart, which talks about women's roles in society and love. And currently, she's recording her third album which I'm stoked for!

I hope I have described her debut well, and that you'll give it a listen. And as from what I'm doing now, I'll leave a link to buy it below. If you have any album suggestions for me to review, comment below! :)


Marina and the Diamonds - The Family Jewels / £8.99

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