Camden Haul: Behold the Fandom Bracelets!


Last week, the family and I ventured into Camden to the the famous market. It's one of my favourite places in London to be honest. We spent the whole day there exploring and buying little gifts. (As well as having pizza that was to die for!) And I spotted these two gems on a bracelet rack in a little corner of the Stables Market. Being a massive Potterhead and Hunger Games fan (do they have a fandom name?), I couldn't resist and just had to buy them. Having been a Potterhead since I was about 7 (I'm 17 now), and fan of HG since the first film, you kind of automatically get a radar for anything to do with these fandoms. 

I can't remember the price, but they were roughly £4 each. I think having Deathly Hallows and Hunger Games Mockingjay pin bracelets is pretty cool and I'm so glad Camden Market has loads of fandom 'merch'. When I do that '', all I mean is, none of it is official but there's little homemade gifts which have symbols and quotes that refer to these films and shows. I was tempted to buy a hand painted Sherlock t-shirt but I held back as I wanted a cat themed Lord of Rings one instead - that MIGHT be in a future ootd hehehe. I would have shown you guys the amazing t-shirt, but sadly it was one of those stalls that ban photography of products.

Anyway, back to the bracelets. They're a cute design, especially the HG one as it has a bead and two owl gems. *aww* The design is one of those clips with the chain, which is a downer, as I love the string pulls. (I don't even think I'm using the right terms for these but you get the jist) This means that they're a little big for my wrists, even on the last loop as I have quite skinny wrists. And that's the only skinny thing about me ladies and gentlemen. But who gives a hoot as I love them and it's a way to show my obsession for the franchises.

In case you're wondering what else was on offer at the stall, there were many varieties of colours and designs with these gems. And they also had a Supernatural bracelet as well as cute little ones with bands on. (Not music bands but the metal bar bands haha) There were also t-shirts for Harry Potter, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock and other fandoms around the market. But all that's mainly around the main market by the Electric Ballroom.

If fandoms are your love and you want merch then head to Camden because you'll be sure to find a gem you'll treasure. (Here's a tip: take around £50, you'll be able to buy just about every fandom thing there! :D)


Deathly Hallows and Hunger Games Bracelets / Stables Market in Camden - £4 each

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