Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in 'Sugar Apple'


Summer is coming to an end and I want to cry. But that doesn't mean I can't get pastel nail paints to pro-long the summer feels. :)

I've been going mad over the Barry M Gelly nail paints recently, i.e. just admiring them at the stand and then buying one. And on my most recent trip to Boots (fave drugstore ever!), I picked up one in 'Sugar Apple'. These nail paints are known for the thick layer of paint it produces, so you only need two layers. And the finishing touches are so professional that I've recieved loads of compliments about it.

The colour of the paint is a pastel light greeny blue. (It looks really blue in the picture, but sadly that's the light :/) Luckily, I have a long nail bed, so I can cut my nails and they'll still look nice. I applied this product a week ago and apart from one chipped nail - nice nail imagery for you there, it's still looking nice. The staying power is definitely longer than the standard paints.

It give off a happy vibe, and especially with the current dreary British weather, it's an injection of colour to my look and even if the weather is dark, I won't be. (But to be honest, can someone just take me on holiday because I need sun right now!) The shiny goodness that's currently on my nails will encourage me to buy even more of these wonderful paints. So let the summer live on through my nails and bring on the chills of winter.


Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in 'Sugar Apple' / Boots - £3.99

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