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Wow! I've reached 50 followers already! This honestly has made my month and since starting my blog in February, I never would have thought to gain 20 followers! (Thank you Bloglovin' and all you wonderful readers) To celebrate, I wanted to tell you guys what inspires me to write and carry on. (And it wouldn't be a worthy post if I never gave you a couple of tips)

If you asked me last year 'Would you ever be a blogger?', I would probably have laughed and said 'No way!' Because a year ago I never knew about the world of beauty bloggers and the art of the wonderful photographing of #ootds. I always associated blogging with businesses and boring reviews on cheese. Seriously. But in January, I discovered Zoella and her youtube and blog and because I want to be a journalist, I jumped in! (Well, it took a month to have the courage start it) And so my blog was born - with the crappest design ever. Luckily, I've made it more modern and exciting.

This little blog has become my hobby and I love it so much. I write about what I want and am grateful to the people that read it. My favourite part is the photography and editing. (Woop woop to smartphones and VSCOCam!) I think I've been able to develop my photography skills and enjoy both this little hobby and instagram. And that's why I love it so much as photography is a big part of blogging.

I've also managed to become more organised and always planning how I'll photograph products and places. I've got three tips that might help you on your blogging journey.

1. Have a blogging book!
 With a little book of blog ideas, I'm never short of posts to write. From days out to beauty and general products, I can relax and just look forward to the writing. I find it easier to do this, so I don't run out of juice and what to write. I don't aim to inform you on new products but new things I've purchased and love. Also planning on days out - especially to favourite places you love will help as you can map out what you can photograph and share with the world. With Brighton, I knew I had to photograph the lanes and pier. :)

2. If you don't have Photoshop, use a free editing app!
Even though I do have Photoshop for my photography studies, I prefer to use a free editing app on my phone. As I use my phone for the photos, I tend to just stick to the easiest way to edit. A free app like VSCOCam or paid like Afterlight, is an amazing way to make your photos look bright and appealing. I usually use LV1 and increase the exposure on VSCOCam for my photos. It's the best filter around, as my photos never look dull. Be aware though, that there are paid filter packs on the app, and I just use the free ones.

3. Have a simple design!
Your blog is where it all happens! If you have loads going on with backgrounds and messy headers, your readers will be driven away and won't read your posts. After reading other blogs, I knew my messy theme needed an upgrade and if you've been here from the beginning, then you'll know my header was a mess. Now with a nice header and a white background, my posts can now stand out! (I use the blogger Simple Template)

I hope I helped some of you, and if you're looking for a beauty post, I'm posting one later tonight. If you want tips, just comment below and I'll try and help. Thank you again for following and stay awesome! :)

VSCOCam photo editing app - App Store, Play Store / FREE
Afterlight - App Store / 69p

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx