Album of the Month: The 1975


[Dedicated to Mrs Georgia Healy ;)]

If there's one new band that I'm obsessed with and loving right now, it would be The 1975. (Asdfghjkl) The obsession has come to the point where I had a dream last night that me and Matt Healy, the lead singer, were sitting on a wall and talking like old friends. Aww. Anyway, this post is actually a review of their self-titled debut album.

The band have labelled themselves a rock band but when listening to the album, you can easily argue that they're alternative rock. You've got the classic drumbeats as well as alternative sounds that make up the song. "Menswear" is a classic example of this and that's a reason why I love them. They're different and their style is quite dark with themes in their songs, such as robbery, love and murder.

As a massive fan, I have to say almost every song is a firm favourite. However, "Talk" really grates my ears as Matty's voice doesn't match the rhythm of the song. :( The band's contemporary style also matches their image as you can see from their instagram and twitter (both @the1975), their pictures are monochrome and write their sentences like this: // R O B B E R S //

As I write this post and release all my feels for their music, I can't help think about Matty's hair! It's so beautiful and fluffy, I just want to stroke it and ugh. To see what I mean, I will insert a picture here:

Aside from that, the album is really good and as they're already popular on tumblr, I can see them going a long way. Also, they're touring in the UK and USA in September and I really wanted to go with my equally obsessed friend. But sadly, I couldn't as it was a sixth form night and my parents wouldn't let me. I was sad but they've only just come onto the music scene so there's hope. But the good news is, their UK tour is sold out. So, if that doesn't convince you to listen to the album, then I don't know what will!

Amazing, contempory rock music + unique image + Matty's luscious locks = The 1975. :)


Recommended songs:
• Chocolate
• Robbers
• The City


For fans of: The Kooks and Arctic Monkeys

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