The Holy Grails of Hair Care


Oh yes, another Lush post that doesn't include any bath bombs or bubble bars! This is because recently, I've wanted to explore more of the brand and become more independant in looking after myself. That's when I saw these two beacons of light. They looked so beautiful and well, I just bought them.

Big Shampoo:
The name says it all. It's a wonderful big pot of goodness including seaweed, fresh sea water, organic lemon infusion and bits of coarse sea salt. Yes, actual bits of sea salt that smells like the beach. It gives volume and softness and even though I've only used it twice, I think it lathers really well and rinses out really easily. For me it's harder with other products and I always have bits of bubbles left. :/
The size is worth the value as I've gotten quite a lot out of it and have only scrapped the top. The shampoo has quite an unusual texture as the salt creates a rough texture, but as you lather it in, it does feel weird but you know it's all natural and doing good stuff to your hair.

American Cream Conditioner:
To be honest, I don't know why it's named American Cream but it's probably  because it smells like Strawberry Milkshake and that's originally from American Diners. It contains goodness like vanilla, fresh strawberries and oils. For this to help soften your hair, you need to add plenty and for me that's good, as with too little, my hair feels rough at the end. Apart from the fact that it's hard to brush my hair before drying - that might be just due to to my old brush - there isn't a bad word to say about it.

The freshness and quality of the products is what I love about Lush, and I know it'll last me a long time. (And I hope so too!) These products are totally worth it if you want natural ingredients in your hair. Though a little pricey as a set, I don't regret it. :)

I promise the next post won't be Lush related haha. 

Have you guys tried anything similar or the same from Lush, what do you think of the products?


BIG Shampoo / Lush - £11.95 {330g}
American Cream / -- - £8.95 {250g}

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