The Lush Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar


When something looks and smells just too good to eat, you know you've bagged a goodie. I bought this cute massage bar last week as a treat, as my mum has one and she recommended it to me. (Mother knows best I guess...) It was the cheapest of the lot, but is pretty big for its value, and from what I know, it can go a long, long way. To put it straight, it's as nearly as big as my hand! In my own experience, I have never used a massage bar in my life, as I've always stuck to lotions and oils as liquids. But this massage bar looks set to make a difference and give me a new outlook to how I pamper my skin.

The massage bar contains hibiscus extracts, extra virgin coconut oil, Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, fresh strawberries and a load of other fresh ingredients - you get the gist. To apply it, you rub it in your hands and spread it around your body. The heat from your hands makes the bar melt and all the oils are released. When I used it the other day, my mum said she could smell it in the bathroom and my skin looked glowing. That means I can fulfil my dream of becoming a strawberry haha. As you will all know, I love to write Lush reviews, and that's because they're so natural and packed with goodness. Don't blame me if my addiction is out of hand!
I'm certain this bar will last me a long time because of it's size, and it is the cheapest of all. (Like all good Lush products should - they're not that cheap!) There are many other varieties of massage bars you can pick up from Lush, like vanilla and peach. Yummy.

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  1. This looks and sounds amazing! And for such a good price too!


  2. Yummy! I've seen them in the stores, but have not tried these yet. I've only tried the bubble bars and the bath bombs! Thanks for your awesome review, now I will pick it up next time to try!

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    1. you're very welcome :) and thank you x

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    Lovely Post! Loved it! Thanks for sharing x

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