Artist of the Month: Troye Sivan


*excuse my editing skills, the tablet was too bright*

I wanted to do a sort of little appreciation post for my favourite youtuber, and now artist Troye Sivan. He has come a long way and I'm so happy for him, and he has one of the most exciting EPs out there!

TRXYE is a five song EP, and includes Happy Little Pill - which I hope you've all heard on the radio at some point. On the week of it's release, he got to number one in more than one country, which is amazing. I also think the video for the song is really creative, and the owl in it is super cute.

I love his vocals, and I personally would describe it as mellow and calm. Another favourite song of mine is Gasoline, as the lyrics are so honest and sad. It's a wonderful little EP and worth the money if you're looking for something different, and if you should look at his youtube channel as he's best known for it. He is hilarious and so sweet in his videos, and once you get to know his style well, you'll be waiting for the wink at the end.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday x


You can get his EP on iTunes 

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  1. Im so proud of Troye !. I love his EP and like you said it did so well which is amazing :)

    Caitriona Tighe

    1. thank you and same, I think he was really lucky with his début, and I hope he brings out a full album soon :D


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