Tanya Burr Nail Collection in 'Penguin Chic' and 'New York Night'


Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum and I popped into Superdrug to look at Tanya's lipgloss and nail range. I originally went in for the Aurora lipgloss, but they didn't have it which was sad ,but I decided them to treat myself to two nail paints. It was amazing to find out that everything was a 1/3 off so the nail paints were £3.99 each, so I picked up 'Penguin Chic' (the grey/light brown one) and 'New York Night' (the dark maroon one). I thought, comparing to the other ones which were bright, that these would be perfect for the Autumn when the colours go really dark. And hopefully, that'll give me an excuse to go all first era Marina Diamandis and wear black lipstick.

I love the colours as they go so well together, as demonstrated on my hand, and I'm certain that they'll be my A/W nail staples along with my black and nude colours. I actually just painted them this morning and I was so happy to find that you only need one coat. That's right, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. The brush is standard thickness I would say, but the paint itself is amazingly thick. One layer, and your nail looks like you put two on. Normally, with any nail paint, especially the Barry M Gelly, I always apply two layers. Tanya has made me very happy with her collection, and if she still sells it in the Spring, I am certainly going back for the bright colours!

'Penguin Chic' is a beautiful grey/light brown colour, I don't know how to describe it, but it's a lovely light Autumn colour to wear this season. And 'New York Night' is a wonderfully dark, which really appeals to me as I love dark colours anyway. They are a cute size, and I think they normally retail at £5.99, but the sale allowed me to buy two - which is epic. I'm so proud of Tanya Burr to create these, and I'm excited for what she brings next as she promised everyone she's expanding the collection. *Yay*

There are other dark and nude colours in the collection which you can see here.

She also has a her own Youtube and blog, which I didn't link in my previous review, but you can check them out here (Youtube) and here (Blog).

Have you guys bought any of Tanya's collection?


'Penguin Chic' and 'New York Night' by Tanya Burr / Superdrug - £3.99 (currently)

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  1. these colours are amazing! perfect as we head into winter! i love tanya burr! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/09/lfw-trend-show.html xx

    1. I love all your posts and I have to do it later as your blog is blocked at my school :( x

  2. absolutely love those colors I had no idea she had nail polish out! excited to find out how great they look on here! I will have to look into them


    1. yeah she brought both out and you can only get the store in certain superdrugs so you might have to go on the website and see where they sell it :)


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