Hello Autumn


 *cred for pics in my collage: weheartit*
This morning as I got into school, I noticed that I could see my breath and my fingers were so numb that I could cool a drink. Also, a lovely brown leaf fell to the ground in front of me, and the sun was very low and orange in the sky. What did that mean? Autumn is here! :D
As Autumn has arrived, it gives us an excuse to have that lovely hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, finally bring out the comfy docs and snuggle up in fluffy warm jumpers. Ditch the ice frapps and embrace the cold weather, because the pumpkin spice lattes are out in Starbucks, and I know now where all my money will be going. Haha.
I can't wait to jump into October, as I'm planning to stock up my wardrobe with cozy clothes (I'll do a haul soon - I promise!), hopefully go to my first ever Halloween party dressed undead, bake a load of pies and have my favorite ravioli soup - yummy. This year, I'm strangely extra excited, usually I don't care and I just get on with my life with the standard coffee and watching Halloween films alone. I was a loser when I was younger...
And the best thing about Autumn and October? Zoella is releasing her beauty collection on the first! (Yaaay!) So, I'm saving up my money and aiming to buy the whole set. Ok, aside from Zoella, I really am looking forward to Autumn, and I welcome it with open arms and expect loads of coffee.
I also am planning more posts, but at the moment and I'm broke and I would readily do OOTD's, but I use my phone and it would be at awkward angles.
What are you guys looking forward most to Autumn?

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx