When Life Gets Busy...


This is a nice little lifestyle post, and I think it's one that we can all relate to. If it's Uni, College/Sixth Form or admin work, sometimes it can be overwhelming and just takes over your life. Recently, I've been bombarded with a load of English Lit work and Business and thankfully I've managed to stay on top of it. But to be honest, no matter how nice it is to keep busy, it's even nicer to just chill. Pizza and movies mixed in with a pamper night anyone? (I'm yet to add the pizza into the mix, but I honestly love pampering myself with baths and facials now that I've rekindled my love for Lush and Simple.)
I hate it when my brain goes into overtime with a non stop break and I just crash. Early nights aren't fun when you want to watch that new video a youtuber is going to upload, but you're too zoinked out to wait. In this day and age, a break to us is checking our Instagram pages in between mountains of work and we may never think what it could be doing to our mind and health. This is why it's important, once the work is done, to gather all your favorite products - be it nail paint, moisturizer, face masks, cleansers, etc. Grab the coziest pajamas, slippers and your iPod, go into the bathroom and have a serious pamper session. (While jamming to your favorite band/singer of course!)
Once you're done, you'll feel a load better and you might even become addicted like me haha. It's even better to set aside the afternoon/evening to yourself on a Saturday, as that's the best day of the week. A massive bonus is to add in your favorite film, and order pizza and maybe even hold a sleepover with your friends and hold a face mask and pizza party. If you want inspiration, I recommend Zoella's collaboration with Tanya Burr on a girl's night in. (Linked at the end) Yes, I know, Zoe again but she's my queen, and all her videos cheer me up!
Another great way to relax is with a book - that's not on a Kindle. When you want to forget about what's stressing you, or about the work you might get once you finished what you have, an hour reading a novel is best. And you can easily forget about everything and immerse yourself in the world of the main character. I haven't read any new books in forever, ok more like since May, but I want to read more. I Heart Christmas sounds good, but I'm going to have to wait till Christmas for that haha. Anything that's not technology related can relax your mind, because when you think you're having a break from work by going on Tumblr, your brain is still working and processing the information on the bright screen.
Therefore, whatever you do, make sure you take time out for yourself, pampering, reading, eating pizza in pajamas while watching a movie. Just don't work overtime with work and exhaust yourself.
I hope this wasn't too long of a post an I could have gone one but I should cut it short hehe. Soon, I'll be buying new clothes and makeup so I'm planning to do a haul for you guys. Thanks for reading my blog guys, and I'll talk to you soon. xx

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