4 Nail Polishes To Ease You Into The Autumn


We're nearly halfway through September and that means Autumn and darker colours. Though really, we're not yet quite over Summer yet and we still may want to hold onto the bit we have left by wearing bright colours. But the new season's colours are getting darker, and so is the weather, so it's time to follow suit. I was rummaging through my extensive nail collection and I found these four Rimmel shades which are perfect. The greatest thing is that they're 60 seconds, that means you won't be hanging around for ages for them to dry. (That is one serious pet hate of mine)

These shades aren't incredibly bright but they are dark and more natural, which I think will suit the new season's looks to come. The colours are Caramel Cupcake, Rose Libertine, Coralicious and Sky High. They all deliver great coverage and have a nice finish, at £3.69 you can grab a few ready for the season. There also other colours which will go well. I know I'll be wearing the Caramel Cupcake more as it's a nude shade, and I'm certainly ready to buy more nail products from Rimmel. The new matte nails anyone? I hope you liked this little post, I'm preparing to write more as I've made a lovely list.

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