Garnier Ultimate Blends: The Sleek Restorer


I'm not one to go mental over hair products, as I don't take as much care of my hair as my skin. Be it the exception of Lush and the regular trim, I'm not fussed. When my mum got this, I never thought anything of it as I've tried other products that promised sleek results. *cough* Herbal Essenses *cough* This was until I actually used it and oh my god is it good. Garnier says sleek restorer and I say hell yeah!

Yes, I love my Lush products dearly and they do make my hair nice, soft and bouncy. But never sleek. After I had the ultimate cut and chopped my long locks off for a short style, I vowed to look after the ends of my hair more. (They were pretty dry before) The sleek restorer helps me do this and lathering both in and rinsing is like touching the softest blanket. I honestly feel that my hair has been saved - hooray. When it comes to lathering, I find it really easy to get a lot out of a little bit. The fact the me and my mum have used it a lot and it hasn't gone near the halfway point yet is an absolute bonus. (It was also on offer in Superdrug!)

I'm very happy with the results, and it still  stays silky on the second and third days after. I wouldn't normally boast about such a product, but you guys need to try it if your hair is looking tired. Also, I always look forward to washing my hair now that I have this as a bonus to my Lush. Is that weird? I just used to think it was such a chore...

Have you guys got any fave hair products?


Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Shampoo / Superdrug - £3.89
"" Conditioner / Superdrug - £3.89
Or 2 for £4 on selected items

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