4 Things You Need For Autumn


A little random post for you all, but hey, I'm already experiencing the autumn feels! I decided to do a lowdown of what fashion (and that little bit of extra pleasure) you need to make Autumn your best yet. And please excuse the bad photography - you can tell I'm not that good at doing fashion shots on my own.

The Scarf:
Standard Autumn procedure is to whip out your scarf when the air starts nipping at you. I've got about four in different patterns and colours - you can never have enough haha. Also, the right one can make an outdoor outfit look bang on trend. Unless you like plain ones to just keep you warm and toasty.

Doc Heaven:
Ok, not everyone may agree, but I think Docs are the best boots around. (Though the ones with fluffy fleecy insides can count) I know the real ones take a while to break in, but you can wear nice thick winter socks and your feet will be thankful. Mine are fake and I got them from Primark for £15 last year, I don't know if they'll bring them back but I could do with a white pair.

LA Autumn Fever:
Summer may be over but I can rock LA all year round, especially at winter. Again, a Primark bargain but it keeps me feeling cosy. A hat like this is certain to serve you well and if you don't have one like this, well I advise you get one.

Loving the Latte:
Nothing screams Autumn until Starbucks whip out their guns and bring you the seasonal drinks you love. I'm ready to try the pumpkin latte - apparently its like squash... But I'm even more excited for the gingerbread latte yaay! Extra points if you get a christmas themed cup!

This post was super short, but I promise I'll be back with a review tomorrow x

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