Album of the Month: Peroxide by Nina Nesbitt


This month I'm loving a bit of Nina Nesbitt, and I've fallen in love and have become addicted to her debut album Peroxide. Here's a bit of extra info: she started a YouTube channel in her younger teenage years and was discovered through her videos. Nina then started making EPs, and the only one I've heard is The Apple Tree (the leading song of the EP is in the deluxe version of the album). You can find all her EPs on iTunes, and they are amazingly cheap for such sweet music. If you have heard her EPs and not heard her album, the contrast is refreshingly different. While 'Selfies' is the most upbeat and poppy song of the album, there are some slow songs that let Nina show her true vocals. A personal favorite of mine is 'Bright Blue Eyes' which is a calming acoustic.
I managed to get this for a bargain price while searching for a Marina and the Diamonds album, for around £8 and a deluxe - I was amazed with the savings. There are 20 songs on the album and each are as unique as the other, and I think that's why I can't stop listening to it in my room, on the bus or on a car journey with the family. Even after buying it the day after my birthday, which was all the way back in May, I haven't grown tired of her. You're probably wondering how I discovered her... well, thanks to Company Magazine making her a cover girl and reading the interview, I was intrigued to hear her single 'Selfies'. Listened to it. Got hooked. Can't stop, and I don't think I need any help thanks!
Nina is the Scottish queen of acoustic like music (the album isn't just a guitar), and she really deserves more recognition for her work. She's only 20, so I'm hoping that soon she's performing on a main stage with her current or second album. In terms of the lyrics, they sound really personal and I think she brings the emotions of the song with her vocals. The one that truly shows this is 'Tough Luck' which is (in my eyes) about falling out of love and then one wanting to get back with the other. I'm so glad I bought this album when I did, as I was debating, the music is fresh and far from what I would normally listen to. Go Nina!
Recommended songs:
- Selfies
- Tough Luck
- Brit Summer
- Don't Stop
For fans of: Ed Sheeran, Marina and the Diamonds

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  1. ive never heard of her but im going to go and give her a listen now! thanks for the recommendation! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. that's ok :) and I'll check out your post later as my school blocked your blog x


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