Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask


Recently, I had a mini breakout which wasn't fun at all, so I decided to pop into Lush today and pick up the Cosmetic Warrior face mask to sort out the problem. This is my second Lush face mask, and from the previous results of the BB Seaweed, which I want to try after the Cupcake one, I was certain this would do wonders. Containing garlic, tea tree, honey, fresh green grapes and other natural ingredients, it's obvious that I have high hopes. Tea tree and garlic are meant to combat the spots and keep them at bay, and I used it for the first time tonight and the results were pretty good. My skin after rinsing was really soft, even were the spots are and face looks more healthy. It also made me feel better and forget about the fact that I have a cold, today's selfie: tired eye zombie. :P

Hopefully after a few masks, it'll start to clear. From the experience of the BB Seaweed, I managed to get eight face masks out of it and that's totally worth the money I paid for. And also the fact that it lasts a month! The texture of the Warrior is very creamy and feels more smoother than the other ones. I felt I could apply it easily, though it does tighten after the 10 minutes of waiting. (Trying to smile nicely in the bottom photo was a challenge as my mouth was rigid haha)

Again, from the previous experience, I would recommend the Lush face masks as not only are they naturally beneficial, but they're worth the money. What makes them even more effective is that you keep them fresh in the fridge, I think this makes it more effective and the masks last longer. A hundred times better than the 69p ones from Superdrug! I can't wait to try the other masks that Lush offer...


Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask / Lush - £6.29

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