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Being absent for two days feels weird, it wasn't that I had nothing to post, I just didn't feel it was good enough. (I have a post about coffee to amend but I don't think anyone would read it, then again yoy guys liked my random lifestyle posts!) But I'm back now and I have a little review to share with you all.

On Tuesday, I popped out to get some shoes for Sixth Form - which I think are really stylish and deserve a post *soon*. I was in Superdrug and saw that they stocked up Makeup Revolution which were apparently labelled "the brand that's cheap but surprised us with great quality", yeah the one with the Nars and Urban Decay dupes. I loved the eyeshadows, but I didn't want to get the palette in case the quality was bad for me. So I got the £1 singular one, just because if I didn't like it, I'm not breaking the bank really.

On first thoughts, it has a nice shimmery look, which I'm currently going for a lot this Autumn, and it's a colour I don't really have. The shade "Good Life" has quite nice packaging for a cheap product and I like how it's quite a big rectangle. On application, it comes out really nice and shiny (in a good way) but not as pigmented as I wanted. Though it can be easily amended with building the colour, as I wore it yesterday and with three layers, I thought it looked natural and and not too in your face. Towards the end of the day I checked if it moved, and it was still in place which was amazing as sometimes cheap products like to create an unwanted look of their own haha.

Not bad for £1, I would certainly get one of the palettes, especially the iconic 3 one, though I'm more lenient to the Sleek ones still. You can't prise me away from those amazing shades haha.

Have you guys tried a Makeup Revolution product?


Makeup Revolution eyeshadow in "Good Life" / Superdrug - £1

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  1. I typed up a review of this product the other day to go up next week, its such a lovely eyeshadow :)

    1. I know, and I'll look out for your post :) xx


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