Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask


I love a good fresh face mask, especially if its from Lush. This lovely pot of natural goodness is Love Lettuce - a formula of honey, fullers earth, almond oil, almond shells and ground almond. So basically a pot of almond, earth and honey cream- but mostly almonds. This is my third face mask (others were BB Seaweed and Cosmetic Warrior -which I did a review on) and to be honest, I expect you guys to not be surprised due to the amount of Lush posts I've done so far haha. The product is said to soothe and give your skin a glow, and I would totally agree with this as with past experience, the masks have always delivered the expected results. And as a company that only creates natural products, I love how the products work without all the artificial bits. *yay*

And the best part in all honesty was not buying the product, yup I got it for free. Lucky me! It was only because I managed to get 5 empty pots and returned them to my nearest store. Then I chose this lovely to take home. I love these sorts of offers and it makes me want to go out and buy more products, I do need a new shampoo in fact... Anyway, I always tend to pop on a face mask on a Wednesday or Friday as I finish early on them days as during the week I'm too tired to even cleanse my face. (It amazes me how I manage to do it still)

I wouldn't only recommend this face mask, but all the other ones I've had. They just never seem to let you down, and you can keep them fresh in the fridge so it feels refreshing to put on. This pot is a total winner, and I'm sure the label of the product in the first photo totally sold you anyway.

What is your favourite face mask?


Love Lettuce Face Mask / Lush - £6.50

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  1. I've never tried a Lush face mask, but they seem like they would work really well :)

    1. they are so worth the money! :)


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