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I thought I would change up my monthly series 'Album of the Month' - which you can discover under the music tag. I have a huge passion for music and I love rock, alternative, pop and indie. So, I thought instead of focusing on one artist each month, I'll summarize what  I've been loving and listening to in the month (old and new songs). So, I hope you enjoy this little post and be inspired to maybe check out a few artists I love.
1. Hollywood by Marina and the Diamonds
This one is a classic! This was the first song I heard by Marina when she entered the scene and it's so catchy and the lyrics are so provoking in the way you think about society and the American Dream. It's not against America at all, as Marina said when talking about the song that she loves America and it's culture. Forever one of my favorites of her debut record The Family Jewels and I've been playing the non stop acoustic version all week. (I'll link the video at the end of the post :3)
2. Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey
I love the tune of this song and the first verse is so beautiful, it's certainly more darker than her other record and there's more guitars. But it has Lana written all over it, but some critics say she's unoriginal and in the next record she has to give a brand new image to herself. I say to the trash with that! Her vocals are like an angel and has deservedly won a place in my Autumn playlist on my iPod.
3. Night of the Hunter by 30 Seconds to Mars
My lovely three guys have a catchy song and it's off from their third record. Every day when I go on the bus to school, I have to give this a listen. My favorite part is obviously the bridge but the drums throughout just make me feel all happy. This song is strangely the one that makes me so grateful for loving this band and the fact that they exist. Also, they recently won an EMA for best alternative, so that's enough of a reason to give them a listen.
4. Love is an Open Door by Frozen
I'm sorry, I had to include a Frozen song and it's probably been obsessed over too much now by young teens and kids, but this song is bliss. It's short and sweet and makes me want to belt it out, but I know I will be judged as my voice isn't that great (I'm secretly hoping that on some random day an amazing voice will come through and I can then have a career in music yay) Aside from the film, I think the vocals are as sweet as sugar and the lyrics are so cute and funny. Aww Frozen I love you.
5. All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor
Some people say she's skinny shaming, others say she's not in any way helping girls to be confident in themselves. I totally disagree, this lovely song is fun and has a good message, telling us that no matter size we are, we are perfect. Honestly, since it came out, I haven't stopped playing it, on my iPod, laptop, at school, on the bus. You name it, I've played it there.
6. Mowgli's Road by Marina and the Diamonds
Another Marina favorite of mine, I love the start with the 'Cukoo Cukoo' (I don't know why that's there but if you listened to it, you would see it fits) and the drums and the lyrics. Again, with every song in this post, it's so so catchy as well as the lyrics having meaning and moral. I actually think every song by Marina is my favorite, but Hollywood and this have been the ones that have been non stop playing so far this month. It's getting out of hand, but I don't care.
7. Never Tear Us Apart by Paloma Faith
A beautiful slow song and the guitar at the beginning is so crisp and clear. I love this ballad and if I don't want anything fast or anthem like, I'll play a bit of this. Certainly one of my favorites from Paloma since I listened to her music for the first time this year, and that's all I can say, just give this a listen.
8. This Is How We Do by Katy Perry
This song is an anthem, it's random with the lyrics and Katy delivers it as always with this song. I think it should have been at the top in the charts and certainly in there for a few more weeks. Not that I like to listen to the charts or anything. But this is the song I've been playing in the morning all the time as well. I swear I should just make a playlist of these songs and play them forever.
9. Blank Space by Taylor Swift
Ok, this one hasn't been on play for long, maybe since Tuesday, and I love the video. I loved her when she first came out but I kind of grew out of her music when she brought out Red. But I love her new album 1989, and the whole album is so catchy. (I need to use a different word soon haha) This song is one of the best off the record, and I want to get it as soon as so I can put it on my iPod.
10. Search and Destroy by 30 Seconds to Mars
Another Mars song, but this one reminds me of the second era, I don't know, I think it is the whole production of the song. (This one is off the third record) But again, it's one of those songs I will never ever get tired of. Just please give this a listen, because I love the vocals and the beat is so amazing. Ok, I will stop ranting rubbish now and let you get on with your day haha.
I hope you liked this lovely long post on my favourite music, and I will improve it as the next ones come.
What songs are you guys loving right now?

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  1. literally such a good playlist! ive not updated my iphone music in sooo long! i really need to! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. I really like some of the songs from Taylor Swifts new album too :)

  3. Obsessed with Taylor's new album. And I'm definitely now listening to "Love is an Open Door" haha. It's my fave from Frozen!! xx

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