October Favourites


October came and went by so quickly, it feels like yesterday that it was October 1st. Now it's November and the shops are bringing out all the Christmas displays, I feel like the year is going too fast *sigh*. This month has been amazing and hectic for me, not only have I been surrounded by coursework, but it's been tough for me emotionally. I also reached 100 followers on here (and counting) which is amazing, so I thank everyone who reads my little space on the internet. I have planned another three great posts coming in the next three days. I hope to engage you all in what I'm planning for the month... and before you know it, it's December! I better write this favourites before the month is up haha.

Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara:
I did a review on this lovely mascara last week (review here) and I have to say, I haven't had anything like it! It's perfect and after a week of use, it has made my eyelashes look longer and better than ever. And to be completely honest, I prefer this over my usual favourite, the Maybelline Falsies. It just doesn't clump and the results are always high quality. I'm never changing product again!

Zoella Fizz Bar:
As a dedicated fan to my idol and overall blogger queen, I was impressed with her products when she released them. After two uses (I've been ill twice and wasn't in the mood to use them more this month), I love them. They take a while to dissolve but I love the scent as it's not too heavy - though the product is haha. It's perfect for a treat as you can use them for about four baths and it's only £5. Again, I'm so proud of what Zoella (Zoe) has achieved and I hope she receives even greater success with her book.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Rose Tweed:
I have never in my life loved a lipstick as much as this one! Ok, the exception being Rimmel Kate Moss 110, but this beauty is so moisturising on application and lasts an eternity. I was drinking a Starbucks frapp earlier and not much actually came off onto the straw - that's pretty good, usually it's a lot. I love Bourjois lipsticks already and for £7.99, I am prepared to stock up on more because the brand certainly lives up to the phrase 'you get what you pay for'! It's perfectly nude and natural for the Autumn, so I can wear dark or bright eyeshadow to complete a look. I did a review on it (and another one) here.

American Apparel Canvas Bag (it's underneath the products):
Since the guilty pleasure of splashing the cash (or £32 - though they recently put it up to £35) on the hipster American Apparel bag in August, I haven't stopped using it since. Literally. I've dumped my hand bags and have used this gloriously stylish without trying gem every day since. It's my only AA purchase, but it is certainly the best. The bag is big enough to fit just about everything in including the massive Zoella make-up bag, and I take it to school, on days out and even into town for bits and bobs. If you have the money and want a bag that's different and has a lot of room, then this is the one for you. And to add, having the cities that they have the stores in, is a nice little touch.

What have you guys been loving in October?


Zoella Fizz Bar / Superdrug - £5

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  1. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Fizz Bar but I do love Zoella, I had a real problem trying to actually break pieces off it haha. The Bourjois lipstick looks amazing :)


    1. yeah, it was like trying to break apart rock hehe :)


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