A Little Lush Christmas


It was November 1st yesterday, and because Halloween was over, I thought it gave me an excuse to pop into town and buy a few Christmassy Lush products. It would be my first Lush Christmas and I can't wait to get stuck into the products this year. But can we first appreciate this classic tumblr post that is the truest thing in the universe!: 
Tumblr is life with these posts haha
I swear there were loads of Halloween movies on the 31st on this one channel, and then there was a Christmas one yesterday on the same channel. Hold your horses guys! There's no rush for anything! (Though I am excited myself and did a guilty splurge but Lush released them at the beginning of October, so I was good enough to wait wasn't I?) Also, Lush have just brought out their Christmas packaging which is so cute. Ok, I'll stop rambling on and get straight to the products haha.

Melting Snowman:
This is probably one of the cutest products Lush offer for the seasonal period. This lovely bath melt has a nice spicy scent which reminds me of cinnamon (well it does have cinnamon leaf oil in haha) and gingerbread lattes. I've never had a bath melt before as I'm more of a bath bomb and bubble bar girl. It's certainly the most Christmas like scent and I can't wait to use him, but I think I'll save him till nearer the end of November aww.

A cute purchase for £2.25.

Snow Fairy:
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this to be honest, and I think the smallest one is big enough for me haha. I am certain that it smells like strawberry laces when there is no trace of strawberries but seaweed (what). It's a Lush tradition that everyone raves about and I thought I had to find out what the fuss is about. There's also a nice touch of glitter in the gel which I think is very sweet. I'm torn whether to use it tonight or try the Holly Go Lightly bubble bar, but in honesty, the scent has sold me.

Not bad for £3.75.

Holly Go Lightly:
A lovely festive looking bubble bar, and it's just making me all excited looking at this photo as I type. I love the glitter and the cute holly and berries, I'll try to save this for December *Tries to resit but fails*, but we both know this won''t happen. I don't think it has the most festive scent, but the product looks too good to use. If there is any bubble bar that screams Christmas, it's obviously this one.

A glitter feast for £4.75.

Have you guys stocked up and/or tried any of the Lush Christmas products?

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  1. The snowman is so adorable! The Holly Go Lightly one looks amazing, I love how sparkly and glittery it is!


    1. I just tried a bit of the holly one tonight and it's amazing

  2. Great photographs! I laughed at the October/November image, that is so true!
    I've done a lush haul not so long ago too, I bought the snowman and holly golightly too :D good taste ;)


    1. I know, I saw it, I was a little jelly of how much you bought because I wanted to buy the whole collection and you basically had it haha :) x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx