Winter Beauty


When it comes to November/December time, I tend to go very light on the eyes and berry on the lips. I think this creates a lovely natural and not so in your face look - which I mainly aim for in the summer. I just wanted to give you guys a run down on the products I tend to use in the winter, which you can probably guess by now if you've seen all my FOTD's haha.

• I tend to use thicker foundations in the winter, I don't have bad skin, I mean it's normal if I had to say my skin type. But I like having a thicker coverage in the winter, as I'm less likely to get hot, and I think it provides a nice fuller finish to my look. I've been using the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr coverage one, this is amazing and I highly recommend it. Rimmel Foundations always provide the best results to be honest, and I've nearly finished a well loved bottle which is a shame. :(

• Berry red/purple toned lips are important, and I own so many, it's impossible to choose the best one. For me, a good winter look isn't complete without a moisturising one, so the Bourjois ones win me over. I still love my Rimmel Kate Moss 107, but for keeping my lips smooth and soft, the Bourjois Violine Strass shade is perfect.

• Funnily enough, I only touch these eye shadows in the autumn/winter, as I love bright colours in the sunnier months. I've been using the Boots own brand Natural Collection, and my current favourite has to be Barley. It's a golden brown colour, and it isn't too pigmented, and I wear it ALL THE TIME. And to finish off I apply a thin line of eye liner on the upper lid of my eye - I've loved this look lately and it gives me no fuss with preventing panda eyes during the day.

I've just listed the key products that I tend to turn to now, I'd love to know what your winter beauty staples are. :)


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  1. i love berry lips in the winter too!

    1. I agree 100%, I think it creates a nice look that matches the weather haha x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx