5 Things I'm Currently Loving


-- I couldn't take a nice enough selfie so
have a lovely quote about life and unicorns --

Hola guys, happy weekend, hope it's going great! I seem to have a hit a blogger's block, I have a few ideas but the photos aren't coming out right so it's pretty frustrating. So I thought why not make a nice little post about what I'm currently loving, as I think all I talk about on here is beauty products and life and stuff. (so unprofessional but I can't think of a better word haha) So, here's a nice chilled out list for you guys to enjoy. :3

Very recently, I got back into pinterest, and now I can't keep away! I think I've got the hang of it now, and as there's no reason to be following a bunch of people, I can just explore. That's where I found the picture of the quote above - it's from a lovely cafe in Hove and it's just so perfect. I've found loads of recipes for baking and DIY, so I can't wait to get stuck in and show you all what I've created. (Little promo: search pizzapparel and you'll find me x)

Marina and the Diamonds:
I've loved her since 2012 and she's an incredible musician, her music style is so unique. And recently since releasing 'Immortal', I can't stop listening to it! Her album comes out in April and I'm so stoked, I also need to see her live or I might cry. (hint hint, it's on my bucket list) To be honest, I'm surprised my friends aren't sick of me talking about her yet, just like with mars haha.

Cheese Toasties:
Remember that lovely picture of that cheese toastie with my coffee in that post at the beginning of the week? Yeah, I love them so much and now I'm getting cravings for it, which to be honest is quite ridiculous. It's so beautiful with melted cheddar and red leicester cheese oh my god. *drools*  For £2.99 it's worth it, I've just got to watch my money because I might buy too many haha.

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub:
You guessed it - it's a lovely shower scrub from Lush. It's amazing and makes your skin so soft after a shower. I've probably used it about 6 times now and it doesn't fail to please. I've not been one to go for one intentionally but after getting it as a gift, it is a total shower game changer. If you have the money, please invest in one - or I might on behalf because I just love the seaweed and sea salt in it.

This site is epic. I love watching the likes of Tanya Burr, Zoella, Tyler Oakley, ect. Yesterday I was laughing my head off while watching the helium video with Marcus Butler and Tyler Oakley. I just can't... I've also found my favourite recipes from there and discovered amazing beauty products which are now my staples. I'ts the perfect way to escape from the world, and it will forever be in my favourites.

What are you guys currently loving?


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  1. I love pinterest, I just go through periods of using it a lot and forgetting about it!


    1. guess what, I went on it again today haha :D


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