Exploring the Art of Photography


-- I just want to have a blog that looks so
kitsch and professional *cries* --

Hola, this little post is about my love for photography and art in publications, on tumblr and on blogs. There's just something about these things that I love so much, I think it's the way they lay out the photos and the angle. It kind of makes me a little envious. Especially in those kind of minimalist publications such as Oh Comely, I just want to take a nice picture of a mason jar with juice and be all cool with a cacti next to it in a white space. #aesthetic (Yup, I'm bringing that over from tumblr haha)

If I can't get up to that standard, well, let me pore over those instagram accounts with pictures of coffees, cactis and polaroids with 23k followers. Throw tumblr in the mix and include publications like LOVE, Oh Comely and Frankie, and we're done. I mainly use my phone and I don't have DSLR, so my blog can't go up to the standard. (Not just yet, I'm getting a new phone soon yaay) But can we appreciate the ultimate blog envy I have for 'fashionandbeautytribes' (update: now thisisallure), I love her photos so so much and I want to take beautiful pictures like hers. Go check her out, that's why I've had to add in a photo from tumblr for my post - to look more cool.

So, this post turned out to be quite the rant, but I love getting inspiration from these, and I feel my skills have grown. Especially from doing photography last year, but again, I can never compete with that haha. But my love for that sort of thing has become so much bigger over the recent months, and I hope to build up a collection and redesign my whole room, but I can't. *sad face, points the finger at the parents*

Do you guys like these sorts of publications, instagrams, blogs, ect?
Or do you think I'm being a bit 'hipster'?


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  1. I always spend so long stalking my favourite blogs or instagram accounts, trying to take photography tips from them. it is something ive been working hard on as i feel photos make a huge difference to a blog! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/01/overcoming-anxiety.html xx

  2. I'm the same, I love getting inspiration from magazines and photographers, and hope one day I can take pictures as gorgeous as them too.



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