Album of the Month: 1989 // Taylor Swift


-- The rest of the world was in black and white
but we were in screaming colour --
 Hola, the last time I did one of these album review posts was probably in October, oh my god how? Hopefully there'll be more to come as all the artists I love are releasing music this year - yay. I bought Taylor Swift's album the day after boxing day, and I remember this because I spent most of my Christmas money that day haha. It took me till Blank Space to be released to fall in love with the album and Taylor's new style. I've always had a mixed review of her songs, I do love the usual Love Story and I Knew You Were Trouble, but this album was so different and amazing I had to buy it. And it's the only album I own of hers - oops am I late?
The whole album is amazing, it's not her old country style nor the usual chart music you get. (Though she is in the charts but it's not the whole dance anthem thing) I particularly love Out Of The Woods and Bad Blood, they're all tracks with fresh lyrics, and it's a nice change from the usual alternative/rock music I listen to. And yes, I'm still in love with rock but I want to broaden my tastes. From the start of the album, I was entranced by the hypnotic beats of the record and the purity of her vocals. Some might disagree, but out of all the other records she's released (and I tried to listen to fully), I thought this was the best by far. And the whole design of the cd is beautiful, I'm in love with the polaroid feel.
 I'm yet to upload the album onto my iPod, but I think I might wait till I get a new phone so I can just put it on that. I would recommend this record if you're not a big fan of dance anthems that seem to keep popping up in the top 40 - that's why I strayed away - but you still have a thirst for a good pop beat.
Recommended songs:
- Bad Blood
- Welcome to New York
- Style
For fans of: Katy Perry, Marina and the Diamonds

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