Bourjois #13


-- These lipsticks are now my
drug store holy grail --
 Hola, this lovely Bourjois lipstick was included in my Christmas splurge. I picked it up because I love the quality of the color and how moisturizing it is. It's Rouge Jetset and was only £7.99, and it was perfect to add to my lovely collection of reds haha. I think I have slightly too many shades... It's quite a bright shade compared to my M&S Autograph one. And it has a slight shimmer so when applying, it creates a nice finish - which is one of the things I like most about it.
A lovely edition to my already growing collection of Bourjois lipsticks. For a drug store lipstick, it's amazing and I literally aim to buy every lipstick they sell. And then I'll move onto the red velvet side. *manically laughs* I'm actually so impressed with the quality, that I prefer it to the Rimmel ones. Shock horror, because this brand is honestly worthy of moving up into the ranks and likes of MAC. I don't know if you would agree, but that's just my opinion.
Do you guys like the Rouge Edition lipsticks?
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