Buttercup Lush Set


-- Can I just say, the soap actually looks
too good to eat --
Hola, this is the last post on my Lush Christmas collection, and this one was a little beautiful box that smelt of cocoa butter and honey. That's because it contained the Honey I Washed The Kids soap and the Butterball. I've never ventured into the soap territory in Lush but I have to say why didn't I in the first place? It looks just like fudge and it smells so good - can I eat it? I haven't used it yet as I'm waiting for the right moment, but from what I've heard and trust (as Lush generally give the expected results), it makes your hands so soft and smelling like honey ooh.
The Butterball is an ultimate favourite, I've used it two times before and I love the little pieces of cocoa butter melting. When I first got it, I have to say that I did wonder what they were haha. But when you rub them in, it makes your skin so soft when you come out of the bath, so there's really no need to moisturise. It's the cheapest of the lot individually and I'm saving it till last - I'm currently going through the Comforter bubble bar right now.
I love this little box of goodies, and it is one of my favourites, that's not saying much as all the boxes of Lush I got this year are my favourite! And I think it also has quite a cute name.
A little side note, I'm currently planning a load of posts for you guys and I'm going to take a load of photos today or Friday if I can. I don't know why I needed to tell you guys but I felt like I did.
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