Pinterest Envy


-- I'll pay anyone who will makeover my room
or future flat like some of these --

Hola, I was scrolling through Pinterest today - as you do - and I've seen a huge number of interior home designs for offices, bedrooms, etc. that looked amazing. I got a bit of envy towards these because I can never find the kind of items to make my room as nice. Or I can't get the furniture. But I tell you what I do have from these, nice fairy lights and plants yay.

Even though my room can't exactly look like these, I've been hit with some nice ideas which I want to put into practice. This involves a redesign of my pin-board, a few purchases of more plants and publications of Oh Comely. (With a dashing of a serious tidy up of my messy desk) There's loads more over on Pinterest that I'm gawking over, but these six are just a select faves that I deemed suitable for the blogging world. Note: I also have serious envy for the A Beautiful Mess pad - but who doesn't?

Do you guys get any pinterest, blog or tumblr envy for things?
Please say yes so I don't feel alone :(


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  1. I ALWAYS feel like this looking through Pinterest, they look like showrooms that you see in a store not somebodies actually living space! The fact people live like this depresses me haha! Sat looking around my house wanting to re-do EVERYTHING!

    1. haha I know and the fact that they manage to get the resources amazes me :)

  2. Oh gosh, I'm always on Pinterest, no joke, it's amazing and so fun just looking at everything on there from rooms to food because it's all so perfect, it's not fair!

    1. glad i'm not alone to be honest haha, I find so many amazing things on there which make me cry inside :'D


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx