My Travel Bucket List


-- Oh, how I dream to
be above the clouds --

As I write this, I'm currently feeling poorly on my sofa and have just finished a binging session of Supernatural season 3. I know, I'm late. I also feel pretty frustrated with my foggy head, weird nose and extremely tired eyes. So, I'm writing this post to keep awake because I can't go to sleep or I won't be able to breathe haha. (And also just want to write a post, because being sick is sucky and boring) I was thinking about places I really want to go, some are in my bucket list already, and some should be added to their own list. Note that I do not want to spend all my time lounging on a beach or getting drunk and lazy there. I seriously just want to explore these places, take loads of photos and eat food. Enjoy reading the little list, and please excuse me about how stereotypical some are...

- LA
- New York
- Milan
- Cannes
- Paris
- Japan
- China
- Italy
- Santorini
- Amsterdam
- Australia

I'm sure I'll edit this post and change and edit things, but this is how it stands for now. My reasons are just that I think these are cool and beautiful places, and I think I would be here at 6pm still typing. Keeping it short and sweet haha.

What places are you guys dying to visit in your life?


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  1. aww i hope you feel better soon, but as a side note, theres nothing better than lying on the sofa with some good tv when youre feeling ill!! i love traveling so much, there are so many places in the world that id love to visit! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. aww yeah, I'm just dying to get on a plane now haha :D


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx