The Benefits of Bloglovin'


-- This website/app is the nearest thing
to a serious addiction --
As a blogger, when someone mentions Bloglovin', we internally bow down and praise such an amazing website/app for bringing us amazing readers - and allowing us to stalk our favorite bloggers. You can find me quite frequently reading posts through it in my free periods at sixth form. (Once I've done all my work first!) On the first day I created this blog, I also made my account on Bloglovin' and linked it asap. Then I went on a little follow spree, and see if you can guess which popular blogger was first. I'm sure everyone who reads this has an account, but if you don't then that's ok, just enjoy reading this post, and you might be persuaded to join.
The obvious one to us all is catching up on posts, because we can scroll through our feed in our spare time and read the posts that interest us. Or we could mark it as read, admit it, you do it and I do it. And you might even do it to my posts, I won't be offended if you do. My particular favorite blogs to read on this app include: Joy the Baker, Essie Button, LLYMLRS, Zoe London and In The Frow.
Then there's the gaining readers part, it's perfect for linking your blog and receiving readers and likes. I've seen some bloggers claim that it steals your traffic, but I don't think so, and it's not like I need it to earn money. Besides, more and more people are joining the site and following their faves anyway. I've also discovered some faves in amongst my readers, I won't name because it won't be fair, but I don't always comment on their posts but I'm there... reading your beautiful work...
There's also that part where you're not redirected to the blogger's site when you read a post, and this is so easy and quick. It just opens a tab in the app and you can read away. Though I do hate reading on the tablet as the pictures are ALWAYS fuzzy even when they're really not. I find it simple and easy when I'm on the go and I want to have a little nose about what's going on in the blogging world.
Lastly, you can be inspired. I find having everything in one place instead of saving every blog on a tab or on blogger, means I can have a quick look and be inspired about what posts to do. Not necessarily copy what a blogger is doing, but do something that I would love to do. E.g. if a blogger posts a recipe about flapjacks, I might be inspired to bake my cookies again and share it with you all. Also, I might be influenced on what popular bloggers are doing with the angles of their photos, and I admit when I first started, my angles were crap. (Though you won't generally know because before the summer, I accidently deleted all the photos and had to take new photos and reupload them again lol)
What do you guys love about the little gem that's bloglovin'?
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  1. Yes yes I agree with this so much, whenever I see a great blog without bloglovin I just think "no I can't stalk you properly now!" though I do tend to recommend it, it's such a great site <3

    The Quirky Queer

    1. Ikr, when I see blogs without bloglovin I feel sad bc I can't follow them haha

  2. I love Bloglovin! So easy to organize the blogs you follow!


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