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-- Here's a guide on how to clean
your much loved beauty tools --
Hola, excuse the bad photo once again, but I wanted to do a different kind of beauty post, and I'm sure there's been many posts about this subject. That's cleaning your makeup brushes. It can see a chore, especially if you practically have buckets of them, but it's a must to keep them in tip top condition. Though, once you get down to it, it's honestly so simple you'll be laughing at how you never did it before. There's not many steps, and you only need three things: a lovely bar of soap - I use Simple, warm water and an old towel or tissues.
1. Gather your brushes and fill your basin up with warm water.
2. Take your soap, dip it into the water to lather and take a brush, dip and swish in the water, then rub the soap bar on the brush.
3. Then if you have an old towel, rub out the colour of the brushes on the towel - though I use the palm of my hand and I keep dipping the brush into the water and swishing it around. (obvious tip, but don't rub an eyeliner or eye shadow brush side ways or it'll lose it's shape)
4. Then once the colour and soap is out and your brush is clean, shape it back, lay it on another old towel or some tissues to dry.
And that's it! Four simple steps to follow, you don't need a fancy makeup cleaner spray to use, some good old soap always does the trick and my brushes are always still soft.
I hope you liked this post and it helped. :)
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  1. i have to confess that i never clean my brushes, and mine are in such a state! i seriously need to do this! thanks for the tips! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Thank you for this, I don't really know how to wash brushes and this is definitely much easier than I'd expected it would be - so thanks :)


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