The Palm Tree Collective #5


-- Let your mind be persuaded to go
on tumblr after looking at these --
Hola, I haven't done a post in a few days, purely because I wasn't feeling it. But it's time for another round up of my favourite tumblr pictures, and they're pretty much coffee based this month. I love coffee because it's the best drink ever. Period. On another note, I've really gotten into Pinterest this month and I'm addicted, though I won't make a series because it's mainly food recipes and New York - you've got to love that city. Anyway, I hope you like this month's edition, and I'll have a nice post for you guys tomorrow because I need to have a little photography session this afternoon.
Grid One (L-R)
{Coffee Art • Life • New York Dreams • Spring Red Roses • The Girl's Hipster Art • Detox Juices}
Grid Two (L-R)
{Cali Scenery • It's Rational • Pugs on Travels • Stylish Holiday Essentials • Mermaid Words • Breaks}
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