Lush Tea Tree Water


-- Your skin will never feel
so fresh with this bottle of goodness --
I recently finished up my much beloved Simple Kind To Skin Toner which served me really well for the past few months, and knowing that Lush are fabulous in the hair and skin department - Big Shampoo, American Cream Conditioner and D'Fluff Shaving Soap anyone? - I thought it was time to invest into a bottle of Tea Tree Water toner. I, as all other beauty bloggers, are a sucker for Lush products, it couldn't get any better to be honest.
At first glance, it sounds really fresh and good for the skin as tea tree is known as an antiseptic and antibacterial ingredient for hair products, and my lovely witch stick which combats my spots amazingly. But having a toner with this as a main ingredient sounds actually refreshing - and it is. Applying this every night (or almost every night if I can be bothered) after my cleanser, I spray a little on a cotton wool pad and apply in upward motions all over my face.
I admit, I'm not prone to spots until that time of the month, and the odd spot that started forming near my nose when I used this went, it in about three to four days. Therefore, this is proof, my friends, that this toner water and it's properties work, and a bonus is that it's vegan hurrah. Not that I am one, but it's entirely natural and I like to know what I'm applying to my skin. I must worn you that the smell is quite pungent but it's nice and puts me into the state of mind that it'll help my skin stay soft and spot free.
I use this little bottle sparingly as it's not the biggest, though you can get bigger, but I wanted to think of this as kind of a sample before I invested in the proper sized ones. And by the looks of it, I think I will when this little beauty is finished.
Lush Tea Tree Water / Lush - £4.25
What toner products do you guys recommend?

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