My Week In Review


-- It's time for us to sit down and chat about
what's going on in my life --

I've written a load of beauty reviews for the past week, and it may seem I've been spending my time buying a load of beauty things and writing posts. But really, it was half relaxing, half working and a little bit of stalking blogs on the side. (I'm so happy Gabby's got back into blogging yesss)

I wanted to set aside a little post for you guys to get to know what I got up to in my half term. Some days were fun, and other days, well, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep to be honest. I've been quite happy about things but now the real stress is going to come. *ugh* So, let's remember the good times and the little things. And sadly, it didn't involve any Lush - kind of going on a bath bomb detox because I've been going crazy lately haha.

On Tuesday last week, I went to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year with friends. The above picture was before we left for London... heeeeyyyy. :3

I loved the decorations and the atmosphere and vibes was really good, though we didn't eat chinese, we went to a Japanese restaurant near by and had some bento. I had chicken teriyaki bento with tofu, rice, salad and sushi. And holy moly, it was massive, just look below and you'll see. There were so many flavours though I couldn't finish it as I felt sick in the end. (We also got a bean soup with it, but I just gave it to my friend) I've now established that seaweed is my favourite, and salmon sushi is just life. I could live off it if I was stranded in Japan.

 The other day, I decided to have a go at some brownies, and I baked Zoe London's brownies, where she got the recipe off her mum. Like me, on first glance, they look like an absolute fail, but I can only blame the oven. I have a gas oven and it's dying so the cooking time extended from 25 minutes to nearly an hour, and so my marshmallows disintegrated. But when they cooled down, they actually tasted like brownies and most of the black marks have disappeared, though I aim to try this recipe again when I have a new oven so they come out perfect. And I plan to double the ingredients, it would be nice to have them thicker.

Also, as a side note, who's been watching the Great British Bakeoff for Comic Relief? I've been loving it and I can't wait for tonight's! (The first episode was hilarious and last week's with Zoella was amazing haha)

So that was my week in highlights, if you liked this post and want me to do more, comment below. I plan to take some photos today and I'm planning some good posts for the future. :)

Have a good day guys xx


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  1. your blog is so adorable i love it. also i think the drawing does look liek her! id love it if youd comment back xx


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