3 Things Blogging Has Taught Me


-- It's Friday, so I think we should sit down with a cuppa and 
have a little reflection on things --

I have been blogging for just over a year now, and since starting my blog (on a lovely school evening *ew*), I have learnt a lot. I feel I have developed my style of writing, and I absolutely love writing these posts, yes I have the odd writer's block. You guys may or may not know my sometimes significant absence sometimes - but some of that is due to the studying. I've compiled a few things of what I've learnt, and I hope you guys can relate. Side note: I am putting a little beauty post up tomorrow, I'm just not rolling in cash to review products right now, sorry.

Present your blog well:
At the beginning, I didn't have a clue about how to present my blog, I only knew what blogger provided me. But since reading more and more blogs, I've seen how a clean theme really draws your readers towards the photos. Which my first theme was not doing. I think the simple theme has let me be creative and I'm happy with how I present my theme to you guys. And here's to the future themes to come!

Being yourself:
I think that this is the most important part of blogging, and it's the best way to engage your readers. (I hope I do that...) There's no point trying to be the next A Beautiful Mess, because there's already one of them. I love injecting a bit of my personality into my posts, be it photos or how I write about my products. I am actually planning to make anecdotes or creative writing posts in the future, this means I want to make my blog more me.

Creative photography:
I say this all the time, but I love taking photographs and especially when I do a beauty post. That means putting a load of extra bits like my little cacti and a notebook to set the scene. Then queue the shots and editing to make it acceptable for posting, not exceptional as it's not high quality... yet...

What have you guys learnt from blogging?


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  1. too true, I've really learnt that capturing good enticing photos means I need to have a little bit going on in the background! xx


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