My Favourite Places to Visit in London


-- It's about time I talked about the places I love 
to visit in my home city --

I've lived in London all my life (nearly 18 years of it), and only in the past two years have I been exploring it. You can say my parents had to take a deep breath and let me free out of my cage haha. And in those two years, I've gained a sense of where to go and what to do, as well as where the nearest Starbucks is. *raises eyebrows* If you live in London, or plan to visit, then you might enjoy this little insight to my favourite places. You can honestly do so much in a day, and it's so easy to get anywhere if you know how. On one occasion I spent the morning in Winter Wonderland, I went to Harrods in Knightsbridge then finished the day going around Regent Street, Oxford Street and Carnaby Street.

This is the first place in London that I went to on my own and I usually go there for a little photography session - now it's to just help my friends. It has a McDonald's - the first place I head to - the London Eye, and loads of restaurants. As it's by the Thames, it creates a nice atmosphere to walk around in. Though, you do get a load of tourists taking selfies by the London Eye haha. It's probably the busiest part as there's also the Aquarium and the Tate which is further down. I love Southbank as it's a lovely place to chill and walk around and you also feel the creative vibes with the graffiti and festivals that are held there. Worth a visit if you just want a really chill day with food nearby.

Leicester Square:
After grabbing a Starbucks, me and my friends tend to migrate over to Leicester Square. I particularly love it because of the cinemas and M&Ms world. We usually sit by the Shakespeare statue as there are benches. You also have a load of restaurants like Burger King and Pizza Hut there and... wait for it... there's a Ben and Jerry's! I keep forgetting it's there as I'm always getting my Starbucks oops. It's certainly calmer than Southbank and perfect for a pit stop before heading somewhere else. Chinatown and Piccadilly are really near by so it's a lovely place to spend the afternoon.

Convent Garden:
Probably my ultimate favourite! You have your MAC, Dior, Chanel. As well as the Apple Store and the Market. It's only a ten minute walk from Leicester Square, and it's such a traditional place. You can easily spend a whole afternoon or even a day there as there are so many wonderful shops and restaurants. It's a really Instagram worthy place and I've taken so many pictures there! Laduree also are there, but do take a lot of money as they're pricey. (£2.50 for one little macaron! What?!) I could literally live here and work in one of the shops just to continually soak up the atmosphere.

Oxford/Regent Street:
Packed full of shops and of course Selfridges and Hamley's, how could you not love the main shopping part of London?! I love the Tiger store there as I've got so many cute stuff, my favourite American Apparel shop is also there and I love the architecture. Looking in Selfridges makes me want to work there so bad! If you're looking for a serious shopping spree (excluding Westfields), this is the place to be. And how could you not love the Christmas lights at the festive season? I've visited twice and I'm ready to go again if my friend's ask me, I have to have some money first though...

Carnaby Street:
This is off Regent Street, and has lovely little shops like Brandy Melville, Choccywoccydoodah, Muji and Benefit. It's a little quieter than the main street, so it's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and drool over the products in the stores. I love this place and there's also a Starbucks for a pit stop. (Yep, another sneaky little mention - I am not sponsored by them I promise)

Other places in London that I love:
- Westfields
- King's Road (Saatchi Gallery)
- Trafalgar Square

Hopefully this has given you guys an insight to the reasons why I love this city, and you've been inspired to visit these places. :)

What places in London do you love?

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  1. lovely post, I need to go back to london! I'm having withdrawal symptoms :( I love the southbank, covent garden and also camden market! xx

    1. oh, I forgot to mention Camden haha I love that part of London too :)

  2. i absolutely love visiting london its such a fantastic city!! i love covent garden i could literally spend hours and hours there! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. same, I always love going for days out there :)

  3. I love Covent Garden!

    Lydia //

  4. This is definitely a great list, my favourite place by far is Covent Garden because there are so many hidden gems there like Cyber Candy or Artbox!

    1. Cyber Candy?! I've never seen that! Where is it? :o

  5. I heart Southbank. My boyfriend and I went there for out first date so it holds a special place in my heart haha! :) it's just always go such a great laidback vibe, there's always stuff happening, and there's great food and drink EVERYWHERE! :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. aww that's sweet, and totally, I keep forgetting and always drift off to McDonald's oops x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx