Is It Better To Stay Budget?


-- Can we stay budget or is it worth
forking out £40? --
Day in day out, we see a load of blog posts on the latest products from lipsticks, mascaras from brands like Nars and MAC. We can get sucked into this continuous cycle of being drawn in to spending £20 on a mascara or £15 on a lipstick. But is it honestly worth the money if we could get something similar for cheaper - or maybe even better? That's when the hunt for dupes come in. Makeup Revolution. That really cheap brand with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette dupe was a hit, and everyone raved about it for a good two weeks or more. It then comes to question whether we really are spending too much for something, where something else can do a good enough job for £6 than £25.
Personally, I've only forked out £15.50 for a MAC lipstick, it's a matte and I have to say amazing quality. (And I sneakily have to put in there that it is a serious contender for the Rimmel Kate Moss Collection) But, in contrast to their lipsticks, Bourjois do amazing quality for £8. I'm wearing the Rose Tweed right now, and it's really moisturizing and creamy when applying. This factor makes me question whether I do need to spend £15 on the standard MAC lipstick, or any other high end lipstick, when in fact this does the job. And also creates a beautiful 90s look. And the only time I've ever gotten a Benefit product was free with ELLE. They're cute and lovely quality, but spending that much on the full size thing makes me feel quite sick to be frank.
Having said that, I see no reason to go for a high end foundation when a Rimmel one covers my face beautifully and makes my skin look radiant. Er, excuse me, I won't be spending £30 on a small bottle which may run out in a few months when a Rimmel one can practically last half a year. Yes, one bottle for a measly £7.99. What, why aren't all the beauty bloggers making this their foundation holy grail? And then we come to concealer, ah, Collection, you can honestly do no wrong - thank goodness everyone loves you.
And can I just add in, the Soap & Glory Thick and Fast mascara is amazing! After wearing it for a few days after trialing the Roller Lashes, it is so much better. £10.50, yes please I will be buying you again. (A little promo here: the packaging is to die for and all Soap & Glory products are amazing and can beat any brand, take my Supercats eyeliner, still using the same one since August!)
I understand why people use high end brands, they can afford it, they prefer the quality and it makes a great blog post. Sometimes I do get jealous when they pull out a Urban Decay Palette and say 'I just popped into "" and saw this..' Give me your money, I will never afford that, I'm a 17 year old girl who'd rather spend her money on magazines, Starbucks and ingredients for baking.
But to be honest, I can never part away from the drug store, no matter how amazing high end brands are. To be honest, I'd rather gain 1000 points on my Boots card than feel a little guilty spending £30 on a MAC palette, when I could have got a load of albums or more makeup. First, I'd need to save hard in order to do this haha.
What do you guys think on budget brands vs high end? It's a long battle isn't it?

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  1. Great post! I think it's important to realise the value of things. For instance, you can buy so many beauty pieces that are actually excellent from Poundland, but if you want to treat yourself to a Mac Lipstick, then that makes sense because it's more difficult to replicate on the high street!

    Rags of Love-Alternative London Fashion and Beauty Blog

    1. thank you, and that's so true :)

  2. So true! I'd rather not spend too much money but be able to buy more different things instead. Surely you can't deny the quality of high end products but still i think it's nicer to have high street products as a norm and treat yourself with something expensive (but longlasting like a highlighter or lipstick) every now and then. For foundation I'll stick with high street because my skin tone always varies throughout the year and i use it so often. It would not be worth spending tons of money on it.
    Great post! Loved it :)

    1. you're welcome, and yes for me it would have to be a rare treat, lipsticks and eyeshadows are an exception, but anything else does the job :)

  3. You're right, it's definitely a battle! I get sucked into the "brands" of things all the time and have to give myself a talking to!! I will save up and treat myself to some things though (mostly lipsticks!) but I just can't afford to constantly buy such expensive products. Most of my favourites come from Boots or Superdrug but, for instance, my YSL lipsticks are pride of place on my makeup desk, even though I have others that are better! It's aaaaall about those brands! I think it's important to know the value of money, but also to treat yourself to the things you love occasionally. Loved this post by the way :)

    Laura x FloraLoo Two

    Laura x

    1. thank you and that sounds hard haha x


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