Pinterest Envy #2


-- Ooh la la la check out these beautiful
inspiring images off pinterest --

To be fair, I don't think Pinterest gets enough love, sure you get the creative people that love it. But no one really gets it, not like tumblr. In honesty, I had an account for about a year, but I didn't get how to work it or what to do, all I knew was that Susan learnt how to make pasta on the start up page. (I can't remember the name of that person so I just named them Susan...) Now, I am addicted, I've found anything and everything from recipes to fashion and interior inspo! The first installment I made was here, though it wasn't official. Now I want to make a series much like my tumblr one, hence my excitement to make a second post in one day. I hope you excuse that.

I hope you guys are inspired by my series to join Pinterest, I'm honestly so inspired every day and I've made pinboards like 'Travel Bucket List'. 'interiors', 'fashion and beauty', etc. Right now, I can't wait to move out and get loads of furniture that I see on there haha. Anyway, here's a run down of my February Pinterest faves, enjoy. :)


Grid One:
{Winter in Paris | Salted Caramel Cake | Travel Plans | Model Beauty | Cacti and the Contemporary | Stylish Desk Organization}

Grid Two:
{Pasta Cravings | Modern Design | New York Stairs | The Sublime Scenery | Arrows | Floral in Bloom}


pinterest: pizzapparel


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  1. Pinterest is my life! Glad you finally discovered it.


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