Spring/Summer Bucket List


-- Let's hope I actually get to complete this 
bucket list this year --

It's officially spring, and there comes a time to look forward to the warmer months, or rather we all think 'oh it's spring now, how long till summer?' Yeah, I raise my hand unashamed because that's totally me! In all this worry about grades, I'm getting increasingly excited for the two months to let my hair down and be free of all stress. I've compiled a bucket list which I hope to complete, I want to set myself goals to achieve in hope I can become more confident and independent now that I'm nearing the dreaded 18. (It's not bad, but the responsibilities that lie ahead... no thanks.) I aim to start this after or before my birthday, so May, and I hope you guys get inspired to create your own Spring/Summer goals.

Bucket List:

- Buy an iPhone 6 Plus
- Go to Five Guys
- Sit in a window seat on the plane to America
- Go to an American coffee shop
- Buy clothes from American Apparel
- Go to a music museum in Nashville
- Take a hella load of photos in America
- Have a rad summer wardrobe
- Go to Brighton
- Go to Timberyard Seven Dials in Convent Garden
- Visit the Saatchi Gallery
- Get tickets to see Marina and the Diamonds live
- Explore London
- Go to Notting Hill
- Go to the V&A
Go to the Tate Modern
- Buy a bucket full of summer Lush products
- Bake a load of goodies
*more will be added - probably...

What do you guys aim to do this Spring/Summer?

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  1. love this post idea, something to look forward to whilst we encounter these horrible months of exams! xx

    1. thank you and I couldn't agree more haha x


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