How To Improve Your Instagram


-- Or otherwise known as how to become so addicted that
you can't leave and you have to keep checking --
I'm addicted to instagram, it's true and my favourite part is the taking of the photo with the right angle and then the editing. (I'm sorry to all my friends who have to wait because I need to get it right) I love the app so much, that I wanted to give you guys some tips on how to make your instagram as eye catching as your blog. If your insta is way better than mine, then ignore...
The Camera:
First of all, use your phone, I have a crap Samsung S3 mini which I'm looking forward to getting rid of, but the quality doesn't matter at the moment as the editing to fabulousness comes later. Choose your subject or have an eye for cool things.
I follow 'hipster' instagram accounts who post pictures of coffee and books in a cool minimalist way. I also get inspiration from Gabby and Connor Franta as their instagrams are goals. You have to have the passion for taking the photograph and have the urge for sharing it. ASAP. Like the people I follow. As you see above, you have pictures of coffee, cookies and Chinatown. I used my chopping board to present the cookies in an attractive way and I just aimed my camera to the sky to take a picture of the lanterns. Just snap away and then it's easy.
Editing comes next, I use VSCOCam, it's the easiest and probably the best. They've just added a new feature where you edit one photo and then you can copy that edit and put it on all of the other photos, so they all look sleek and nice together. It's free and probably one of the most popular. I've recently strayed away from the free filters as I'm a little bored of using them, and I just up the exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.
As above, this is the editor from VSCOCam, it's so simple to use and you can crop it into the instagram square if you wanted! If you have a crap camera like me, this is where the editing comes in. Up the sharpness, I recommend +4 as it looks like an iPhone 4 photo haha. From this, you can go anywhere! I don't particularly like the Instagram editor as the sharpness creates white lines and the quality I feel doesn't come out as great. Once you're happy, upload it. The best part of VSCOCam is that you can experiment with editing photos and decide on something you love.
That's the pure reason why I love it, and I hope you're encouraged to do the same. And then join me in the addiction.
instagram: @franalibi

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  1. Love VSCO but TOTALLY didn't knowy ou could save your editing pre-sets?! HOW?! TEACH ME PLEASE YODA! :O

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. you might have to update the app :) it came out yesterday x


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