10 Thoughts I Have As A Blogger


-- The daily thoughts of a teen blogger
are shown before you --
Firstly, I'd like to say that this picture of the Brighton wheel makes me miss Brighton so much. So, if you find a cool flat there for sale, do let me know haha. But, aside from that, I thought this lovely pic would go well with this post (just because it looked pretty). And as a young blogger, I tend to look up to the popular ones with their cool pictures and writing style - and my fellow favourites - and think about how they manage their blog and what they think on a daily basis.
And as for me, there's actually not one day that goes past where I don't have a blog related thought. So, I thought I would list 10 thoughts I'm likely to have and I'm hoping that you guys can relate. Or if not, I hope you enjoy reading it anyway...
10 Daily Thoughts:
1. I'm going to do an amazing skincare product review today with some cool tips! Oh... wait... I did something like that months ago with the same product. I don't know what to write now... dang it.
2. Why can't I have a font like that? *Desperately tries to find something similar in the template settings* *Fails*
3. I am unique and I should be proud of my style! *sees another blogger's post* Oh god, they wrote that so perfectly, and they have such nice clean photos. *cries*
4. Yes, an early finish at sixth form means an afternoon of reading blogs and planning future posts. #winning
5. Can you please not talk about £55 cleansers and makeup, there's a peasant over here who is very unhappy
6. I think it's time for a new header
7. I hate my phone camera, it doesn't even give the product justice. *edits on VSCOCam* Now we're talking.
8. I need a new template to look cool and sleek like the others
9. Oh she goes to Uni and blogs, oh another one, and she's doing Business and Marketing. And they have like 6000 followers. How do they find the time to do outfit of the day's?!
10. I'm bored of my header *changes it*
 I hope you liked it, and if you want more thought posts like this just comment below. x

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  1. Haha, I think I can relate to 3 the most - that's how I end up feeling all the time. I really don't like my own writing style to be honest!


    1. aww would you be prepared to change it or would you stay the same?

  2. Lovely post!!!! Great photos.
    Check my blog
    What makes you beautiful & bloglovin

  3. I found myself saying yes to all of these!! Especially number 5!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  4. I have the problem of changing my header all the time and trying to fix fonts too! haha It's like a disease...

    xo, simplydavelyn.com

    1. Ikr, luckily this theme font is ok, but wait till July *header changes* :D


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx