Lush Charity Pot and Gorgeous


-- The perfect two little samples to get
you through the day --
I got these two little sample pots for Christmas (oh so long ago...) and I have tried them but sparingly as I didn't want to waste them. The reason? You're talking £40 for a full size pot of the facial moisturiser and £12 for the charity pot. Woah.
I haven't used the charity pot for my body as I tend to go for the Vanilla Dee-Lite for that, but when I do use it on my hands it's really nice. It contains ylang ylang oil as all Lush products basically do, shea butter and rosewood oil. It does feel oily when you rub it into your skin, but after a while makes your hands really soft. I do actually like it, and I think most or if not all Lush lotions are really good value for money. I'm happy I got this for £1, so I could decide if I liked it or not.
The Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser is also quite oily on the skin when applying but that doesn't casue any problems, bit it felt quite different to my Simple one. No wonder the full size is £40, because it's packed with fruit, organic oils and pineapple enzymes holy moly. I have only used the sample twice because I'm not forking that amount for a moisturiser no matter how good it is. When putting it on, my skin absorbs it really easily and doesn't give a weird shine to my skin. I haven't noticed a difference in my skin when using it, as my skin is pretty normal and clear. (Lucky me, so please don't expect any serious skin care advice because I have never needed to do anything)
Both samples I got were pretty good and on occasions I do like to use them. Lush samples are like precious stones to me, so I won't slather on loads in only a few goes. The charity pot sample was sold in store, and the Gorgeous pot came with the Hello Gorgeous gift box for Christmas.
What lotions/moisturisers do you guys like from Lush?

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  1. i love your comparison to these samples being like precious stones, i completely do the same haha! i love your blog so much, your blog header is so lovely! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. thank you haha :D I actually love you blog too xx

  2. I have never tried anything from Lush, but hearing everybody else talking about it, I just want it so badly!
    I really like your blog, so would you like to follow each other on blogger and bloglovin? Please let me know!

    1. you should, it's the best brand for bath and skincare products :D


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