Don't Stress About It, Try This...


-- Forget roll ons, this is the
next best thing --
Bit of an odd subject to talk about on here, but I just had to share this amazing discovery with you all. Last month I came to a state of mind when I had a hate-hate relationship with my Nivea roll on. I was fed up with a useless solution that did nothing and caused me to (dare I say) perspire. Like what. That was until I discovered this in Morrisons for £2 - the Nivea anti-perspirant stress protect deodorant. 
It is honestly a life saver and I spray it on every day and I can go the whole day and I am completely dry. I'm one for getting anxious and really stressed so I get really hot and panicky and it's not fun, and then I tend to perspire. But with this, it keeps me dry even when I'm having a weird five minutes. You spray it on your underarms at 15cm away and a white solution comes out, it dries and disappears but you know it's still there.
Also, it smells quite nice which makes a lovely change, but you do have the problem of accidently spraying a sleeve with white deodorant. I'm one of those weird people that puts deodorant on after I've got dressed haha. This product has been in use for two weeks, and I can honestly say, I would readily purchase it again and fully stay away from roll ons.
Have you guys got any favourite deodorants?

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