Our Social Media Obsession


-- Because they surround our daily lives
and where would we be without them --
When we think about social media, we think about networking with friends and checking notifications. And then there's also the bit where we stalk our favourite celebrities and see what they're up to. And as a blogger, it can be very useful to use to boost your traffic, but I'm not typing this up to talk about that. Because I don't use my Instagram or Pinterest to promote, it's just another app I love. 
I think I need to put out there why I'm so immersed in what I use and what is so great about the social media world that we've become addicted to it as a society. And that's because they're useless apps that you can like and upload pictures on, and moan to everyone about what a crap day you've had. That's why. It's going to be like the thoughts I have as a blogger post - because I quite enjoyed writing that. So here goes...
1. Instagram. Otherwise known as the app that lets us edit the crap out of our amazing trip to the seaside or restaurant. And also share with the world our lovely purchases, so all our followers will be jealous as well.
2. Bloglovin. It allows us to read blog posts all in one place, it's amazing. But when the blog has a 'read more' feature and messes up the app. Grrr.
3. Twitter. Amazing, we totally need to know about what Cadbury is up to and what articles magazines have written. Also, I'm glad to know that this artist enjoyed rehearsing for their next show with a Nandos.
4. Tumblr. Pictures of shows and bands that we just like, reblog and make us fangirl. As well as scrolling endlessly to see pictures of cacti and coffee. And don't forget those amazing text posts that are totally us in real life. #sorelatable.
5. Pinterest. Like Tumblr, but actually helps us cook a meal and get us inspired by interiors to change our rooms and house. But we literally don't have the money to spend on it.
6. Facebook. Somewhere where you can still talk to friends even if you've seen them that day. Also, like a load of pages of brands and bands you love. And then update your status to brag about how amazing your latest pizza trip was.
I hope you enjoyed this post, I didn't really know how to write it and I don't have Facebook and Twitter, so I hope I got them right, but I hope you guys relate.

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  1. The pinterest & instagram ones ring very true!
    I love both of those apps so much!

    1. haha glad I wrote them ok :)

  2. It'd be amazing if you made a twitter considering that you're one of my favourite bloggers!


    1. aww thanks, maybe I'll have a blog twitter :)

  3. Yeah the social media obsession is real. I had a Tumblr for over four years that I used every single day haha.


    1. same I have had my tumblr since I was 15/16 and I'm still addicted and it's also crazy how much it's changed :D

  4. Lovely post!!!! Great photos.
    Check my blog
    What makes you beautiful & bloglovin


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx