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 -- Could this be a lovely new series about my
weekly happenings? May well be... --
Not only am I running out of blog post ideas - I am desperately awaiting that crucial time to stock up on essentials and new clothes for the summer so I can just blog about it. Sixth Form seems to be slowing down as I approach the much needed study leave, which is strange as you would expect it get more intense. *gives a who even knows, who even cares shrug*
But it's safe to say, last week was probably my most productive in a while as I did hours of Business coursework and English revision. Woo hoo. The weather has also been amazing so far, British spring oh how I love you. <3
Anyway, here's a quick five things that I've enjoyed this week!
1. Going to Starbucks
Nothing beats a lovely drive around with the family that includes a Starbucks drop off in between. I had a caramel Frappuccino and it was amazing. That coffee pictured above was my mum's and she got a short flat white. Coffee art just about on point though omg.
2. Getting stuff done
I actually did a lot of revision and I felt like repeating myself here just to stress how happy I am. I also am staying on top of chores - does dusting my room count?
3. Having a healthy snack
On Friday, I tried Greek Yoghurt with raspberries and honey and it was pretty good. Though very filling and wishing I added mountains of honey, I felt refreshed and ready to start a sugar free diet then and there. Obviously, I didn't because I got Starbucks two days after and had a takeaway on Saturday night. 
4. I made a freaking amazing cheesecake
On Monday night, I got down and made a lovely New York style cheesecake for my Dad's birthday. I'm really getting into baking now, and I was so proud when it looked better than a shop bought one when I took it out of the fridge the next day. Yay, go me! (I'm aiming to do a recipe post on it this week, so keep your eyes peeled)
5. Birthday plans
My birthday is in two weeks and thankfully, I have an idea of what I want to do with my friends. I'm very excited now, and yes I'm turning 18 and no it's not to go clubbing. All I've got to do is ask them and then book the day! Clue: it has cool rides.
So that's a quick round up of my week. Honestly, this year is going by so so quickly I'll be 25 before I can even blink. Also, do you like my shots of the cacti and baking books that I added in? These were from a garden centre I went to yesterday - the plants were cute but I didn't really like the pots they were in, and the baking books were vintage style though I wanted to save my money so I didn't fork any money out for them.
How was your week guys? Do let me know. :)

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  1. lovely post Fran <3 I have got myself into having berries, bananas, grapes and greek yogurt with honey for brekkie! It's a perfect start! pssst I've featured you on my latest post ;) xx

    1. that sounds super yummy and omg thank you so much aah :D xx

  2. Great post, love finding the perfect healthy snack or meal that's actually satisfying :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. Yes, I'm so happy because raspberries are life! :D

  3. Your photos just get better and better! I love reading your blog so much.

    1. thank you so much :D I love taking photos, its an addiction tbh

  4. Mmmm now I want a frappacinno!

    1. I had a mocha one yesterday - best decision ever :P

  5. such a lovely post- beautiful pictures and sucha sweet idea! X


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx