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I felt a bit out of sorts about not doing a blog post today, so I thought I'd write a quick one about a skincare tip that helps to keep my face clear. Literally - not a spot in sight! I haven't seen anyone else write about it, so I think no one talks about it much though it's probably the most helpful thing during cleansing and toning. And the best part is, it's so easy to get hold of you don't need to spend money on it.

Shall I tell you?


Hot water!

And it has to be quite very hot or it won't open up your pores. What I do in my evening routine is take my makeup off, cleanse my face, then get a face towel soaked in very hot water and rinse off the cleanser so it cleans and opens up your pores. Then after drying I go in with my antibacterial toner. My skin instantly feels fresher and less cloggy, and all the spots that are about to pop up go away in a day or two. Though my nose is still pore infested, this added extra step helps the toner to keep it to a minimum. Am I weird in saying after the hot water, a cold toner on the skin is very refreshing?

If you knew this already, then I applaud you because I only found it out in a skincare article months ago. But if you didn't, you're welcome and I wish you good skincare days ahead. xx

Have you guys got any obvious yet unknown skincare tips?

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  1. Great tip! Hot water actually makes my skin quite irritated, so what I do is I run the water hot until it steams, and stick my face in it. Then I rinse with slightly less hot water.

    Dori | dorigamii

  2. Great tips here! I had o idea hot water could do so much to my skin


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