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-- Jazz up your nails with these bright 
summer colours --

I always tend to find that during the warmer months, especially when I break up for summer, I love slapping on a bit of colour on my nails. This year is no exception due to my first ever holiday, so I've gathered my faves which I think will see me through. I 100% recommend these to you guys as they've served me well for some time and will brighten up any look.

Barry M Gellies in Sugar Apple and Key Lime
These scream summer for me, and Key Lime (the green one) is the only green one I have and I don't think I'll get another. These have gel technology though Sugar Apple has a thinner consistency - but I think that goes for all pastels which is a bit annoying. Sometimes I like to wear both at the same time to create an alternating pattern as they remind me of the ocean and palm trees. Do you guys think of summery things when looking bright colours? Let me know!

Tanya Burr in Little Duck
Slightly darker than Sugar Apple, but still has a thin consistency. Though I have to say this is my favourite colour out of Tanya's range, I just love it and it gives a fantastic finish. For a lovely pastel blue, give this one a go if you haven't tried anything from her - it might be your best decision.

M&S Limited Collection in Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine is the one to go to if you want a shimmery colour to make the glitter of the ocean waves when the sunlight hits it. It's absolutely beautiful and probably one of the best shimmery nail paints I've seen that doesn't even have glitter in. It is a darker colour but the glittery tones make up for it. Get it if you can!

Barry M in Shocking Pink
This is one of the normal standard colours but is an amazing pink for the summer. I would say it was a hot pink, and it's one I turn to the most if I want to wear a pink as I feel like pastel shades of pink remind me of 12 year olds wearing it. I don't know why, I think my brain is wired weirdly when I think of those colours.

Ruby Hammer Recommends
I don't know the name of this shade, nor do I know if you can buy it separately, but I wanted to include this as it's the one I reach for most out of the gift box collection. It's red/orange pastel tones go perfectly with the bright summer dresses I have and it's certainly better than the hot orange one that I hardly wear - and that one smells funny as well.

A majority of these dry pretty quickly though the gelly ones may take a little longer. But these are the ones I'm going to give a bit more love to in the warmer months yay.

What's your favourite summer shades to wear?

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  1. I really love the shade of Tanya's one so might actually buy it!

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