Easter 2015


-- Happy Easter to you all --

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and I hope you all had a good'un. I got a lovely Cadbury Marvelous Creations egg, little chocolate eggs, the Lindt bunny *aww* and money woo. I'm planning to start on the Cadbury one today with a nice cup of coffee mmm. I love chocolate so much, so like every Easter, I can't wait to dive in and get started!

I went to a family friends house with the family and we had a roast with an Easter cake after. I then went for a nice walk and we practically ended up in the country. (Look at that view below) It was also nice and sunny with a little heat which is a bit of a shock for Britain, but it is Spring after all.

It's now Easter Monday, and I'm just drafting up future posts. And later this week, hopefully I'll be going up to London to a bit of shopping with the money I got - Soap & Glory and maybe even Lush and MAC are on the cards yay. It hasn't felt like Easter, which is weird, but just a long relaxing weekend.

This was a little update post that I wanted to do.

How was your Easter guys?

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  1. I got this huge chocolate bunny, Mini eggs and Cadbury creme eggs this Easter! I feel like I'm the only one who absolutely hates creme eggs though!


    1. I love creme eggs but having too many can make me feel sick :P x


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