25 Facts About Me


-- Now you can get to know a little 
more about me --

The last time I listed some facts, it seemed you guys loved the post, and it's my second most popular post to date. You can read it here if you like. And I'm in a pretty chilled out mood after an hour and half of Macbeth revision - that extra 30 mins does count haha - so, why not cram a load of facts in about myself so you guys can see what I'm really like haha. Let's get cracking...

1. I am 5'2 which isn't that short if you think about it, or, no offence, all my other friends are midgets too haha

2. I go on yearly trips to Brighton because it's my absolute favourite place in the UK and I would readily move there if I could!

3. After trying them at Winter Wonderland, I have decided hating churros is a fact and I don't want to eat them again, just thinking about them is making me feel sick

4. I am going on a plane in two months for the first time in my life

5. I have yet to buy an eyeshadow from MAC, but I have a problem of changing my mind between buying a palette or buying more lipsticks - help

6. I used to love drama, and I was in drama club in primary, but I never took it up for GCSE because I thought I would be too shy for performing

7. I took textiles, history and french for GSCE as my three choices and I enjoyed all three, and ended up getting the highest in french out of the other two - and french was also the hardest which is so crazy

8. I hated and will forever hate tinned pasta and tomato sauce, who even invented that needs to be arrested

9. I'm addicted to coffee, and I'm in love with my Dolce Gusto coffee machine

10. Sometimes I wish I lived in the centre of London, or in a village because where I live is so crap no one visits

11. Come Dine With Me is my guilty pleasure

12. I have now progressed to season four of Supernatural, but haven't started watching it yet oops

13. My new favourite magazines are ELLE and Oh Comely, oh how I love them

14. Photography A Level was the best subject I ever took, but my school forced me to drop it which sucks

15. I've only been on holiday properly once, and that was a week on the Isle of Wight, which was amazing but also pretty local

16. I don't have Facebook, and I don't think I'll ever get it because it looks pretty boring - unless there's no other way to chat with my friends after year 13

17. I love modern and contemporary art and the Saatchi Gallery is my favourite place to go, I'm also welcome to traditional art and I want to visit the National Gallery

18. I love interior magazines and the interior category on Pinterest, and I'm already planning the layout of my future home - is that normal?

19. I think Cadbury is the best chocolate invented and Quality Street is the worst

20. I get really hyper on Coca Cola around friends, I don't know why, but I'd hate to think what I'd be like with alcohol around them haha

21. I have an ever extending travel bucket list, and first on my list is LA then followed by New York and Paris

22. My favourite bloggers ever are of course Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, In the Frow, Zoe London, Velvetgh0st and more

23. Ham and Pineapple and Pepperoni are my favourite types of pizza (also Margarita is also pretty damn good)

24. Summer is my favourite time of the year, because days out, amazing weather and plenty of chill time

25. I'm not really a jewellery person because I buy something, wear it for two days, then never wear it again - but I do wear jewellery on really special occasions when I'm bothered

Hope you liked this post and it let you know more about me. I would love to know more about my readers, so give me a fact about you in the comments. xx

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  1. omg love your current layout, it's beautiful! Where are you going? (plane wise haha!) xx

    1. thank you, i got bored again (need to stop doing that) and I'm going to Tennessee to visit family!! :D

    2. ooo lovely, I hope you have a great time! xx

  2. Love these types of posts, you really get to know the person behind the blog :)


    1. I'm glad you liked it thanks for reading :) x

  3. Number 6 was so me! I really regret it now :( We actually have so much in common its weird!


    And definitely go for more MAC lipsticks haha ;)

    1. I'm planning to on Friday haha and omg that's so weird :) x

  4. Love reading posts like these. Love your photography :)


    1. thank you haha I'm glad you enjoyed it x


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