Perfect For Spring | Tanya Burr Lipgloss


-- Shake off the last of the winter blues and get 
bright with this poppy colour --

I've been a fan of Tanya Burr and her exclusive beauty line to Superdrug since it was launched and I have to say her nail paints are amazing quality for what you get. I now have four in my collection as well as a lipgloss which is 'Afternoon Tea' and I did a review which you can see here. But, I thought I needed something else to settle me into Spring, and that was 'Picnic in the Park'. It's bright, it's poppy and perfect for teaming up with any neutral or bright look. I especially love having a natural eyeshadow base, and popping this on top to create a balance.

It's formula is thick and creates a nice layer, and I've been told by friends and family that it looks like lipstick. Tanya Burr wins again, as this isn't too in your face - I would show a picture of it on my lips but they aren't looking too great at the moment. But a hand sample gives you guys a good idea of what it looks like. Compared to the Clinique lipgloss I have, I would turn to this in a heartbeat if it came between them two. Personally, Clinique has a stickier formula, but 'Picnic in the Park' is still a little sticky. (Just wear it on a windless day or with your hair up to avoid a mess)

For £6.99, that's a budget price, and I would love to have the rest of the collection. If I have one of these in reach for the rest of my life, I wouldn't need to fork out for a MAC or Clinique lipgloss ever. Tanya Burr and Superdrug wins again!

You can see her full range here.

Have you guys tried this colour or any of her other products in the range?

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  1. I have aurora and mistletoe kisses and I love the consistency of them <3 I really really want finding Nemo! xx

    1. I actually really want Aurora because that looks stunning

  2. I'm not usually a fan of glosses but for that price these seem like they are definitely worth a try!x



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